Training and Supervision

An untrained mind will torment us with self-judgement, negativity, fears and regrets and taint our happiness, our relationships, our performance at work and ultimately our health.

In one to one sessions you can learn the techniques you need to train your mind to be still allowing you to be calmer, wiser and more compassionate both to yourself and to others. Mindfulness guidance sessions are for people with mental or physical health problems, and for people who want to manage their stress levels, be calmer and perform better.

I offer new clients an introductory session so they can get a feel for how I work before committing to a course of treatment. I offer a no benefit -no charge guarantee for this session. Contact Me.

In supervision, you can apply mindfulness techniques in a professional context. In the session, you can discuss in a confidential, non-judgemental space any issue that is challenging you and could possibly affect your performance. You will be guided to look deeper at the problem, see what is preventing you from finding an answer, change your perspective and come up with your own solutions. Person-centred supervision supports healthy relationships, good boundaries and sustainable and effective practice in the long term – whatever your profession. Contact me to find out more.

In workshops, you can learn the Focussed Mindfulness techniques practised by Absolute Specialists in a group. At present there are twenty workshops, you can attend these individually or do them all as part of a training programme that leads to a licence to practice as an integrative therapist or an integrative coach. The workshop usually commences with a live demonstration of the technique, you then get a chance to gain first-hand experience as a client receiving the process; a practitioner guiding the process and finally as an observer where you can appreciate the dynamic between the practitioner and the client.

By the end of each workshop, you will be ready to begin to practice on yourself and (with permission!) on family and friends. You can also go on to do further training and CPD to achieve a licence to practice as an Absolut Specialist in your chosenb field.