The founder of TWM: Clare Walters

Clare Walters

Mindfulness has changed my life in so many ways! Since my first experience of awakening in 2007 I have had a regular practice. I am guided by followers of Ramana such as Gangaji, Mooji and Brandon Bays and most days I enjoy a sense of connectedness, acceptance and purpose that is constantly refreshed. Mindfulness helps me to be resilient, present and authentic in life despite its many challenges. My wish is to open as many people as I can to the joy that they can freely and readily access and to support them to realise a more connected, calm and purposeful life.

It is this desire that has led me to develop TWM which is a direct and simple way to culture a mindful way of being. As I began teaching the method a training company for practitioners – Absolute Specialists Ltd evolved and then a book and then, with other TWM practitioners, a social enterprise which is now a vehicle for sharing TWM more widely.

I am a trained complementary therapist with qualifications in Homeopathy and The Journey, I believe in high standards of regulation and training for practitioners and that they continue to work on their own issues and emotional wellbeing so they can offer their best to clients. I love to learn new ways of helping people to free themselves from suffering and have built TWM from a number of sources including The Journey, The Work, Inner Child Work, NLP, Mindfulness and Coaching techniques. It continues to evolve as I and my practitioners learn from our clients.

I first began using TWM with clients suffering from chronic pain whilst working in secondary care in a hospital outpatient rheumatology unit. While listening to my many clients it became clear that their suffering was emotional as well as physical and that they needed to heal from both if they were to find lasting relief. My results show that this is an effective approach.

While it is becoming increasingly accepted that emotional pain from the past can affect health, there are not many accessible techniques available that directly help people to heal. TWM is an effective way to rehabilitate from trauma and other emotional issues quickly and simply without the need to remember or talk about them. Each session leaves people feeling better and this gives them the motivation to use the techniques for themselves afterwards so they can continue their healing themselves.

People with a healthier state of mind are more able to create positive, conscious and supportive relationships with others and are more able to live lives of integrity and speak their truth. So there is a ripple effect from people practicing TWM, it spreads kindness, acceptance and authenticity into their families, communities and the wider world.

It is my dream that our work and results will get wider recognition and become mainstream so it can help more people who are still suffering needlessly and so reduce conflict and intolerance in our communities.