One to one sessions

I offer bespoke support both face to face and online.

This can be for a single session where you can discuss your particular issue and be guided through a process that will reveal its root cause and then give you some insight, healing and release from it.

Email here to arrange the hour-long session at convenient time for you. The fee for this is £70 – concessions available.

I also offer courses in Focussed Mindfulness. These can help you explore a range of issues or work on a long-standing pattern that you wish to transform.

The course consists of 5 one to one sessions and you will be given exercises to practice between these. email support is available for the duration of the course.

The interval between sessions is flexible and will be tailored so it offers the best possible suppprt as you work to become free of your unhealthy patterns.

The fee for the course is £325 payable at the end of your first session – concessions available.