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  • Exerience the teachings, meditations and exercises that comprise the Focussed Mindfulness approach.
  • Access and deal with the root causes of your anxiety, negative thoughts and busy mind.
  • Let go of your unhealthy patterns and find emotional freedom and peace of mind.

This course has evolved through the 15 years that I have been a mindfulness practitioner, psychotherapist and trainer. The tools deal with whatever is getting in the way of your mindful way of being. They are powerful, direct and deep and the effects can be life-changing.

The online course gives you the opportunity to explore the approach in your own time and help you understand the benefits for you. If you feel it will help you further, you can then book one to one sessions, attend workshops and retreat and even train as a practitioner.

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Try the online course for free! The first three chapters are freely accessible and offer powerful teachings, exercises and meditations.