Focussed Mindfulness

Focussed Mindfulness© turns your curiosity within to a sensation in your body and then deeper to the feeling at its core. This exploration allows you to become aware of some unresolved emotional pain, trauma or self-denial that you are holding, possibly deeply buried in your unconscious. Different processes then address, heal and release this pain, leaving you feeling freer, more joyful and empowered. From this perspective, you gain insight into yourself and others and see a healthier way of being.

Each session addresses a root cause of an unresolved issue and heals it so over a short space of time you become progressively clear from your negative and distracting thoughts and more and more able to be fully present in your life.

I offer one to one sessions, individual courses and retreats. Contact me to arrange a meeting or a chat to discuss your needs. I also provide practitioner training courses. There is more information about this here

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