Clare Walters: The Relationship Coach

Clare has been a relationship coach for 15 years, helping hundreds of people to find a healthier, more empowered and kinder way of communicating with themselves, their partners, exes, families, communities and work colleagues.

She uses The Walters Method (TWM) used to be called Focussed Mindfulness.

It frees you from whatever is preventing you from feeling at peace, so over time you can be increasingly accepting, loving and calm.

It gives you an inner quietness that allows you to hear your own truth and find a deep sense of purpose.

It offers a straight forward and amazingly effective way to heal – even for people with long term issues.

It can teach you to communicate more powerfully.

It can be used to heal trauma, pain and relationships.

What is it?

The Walters MethodTM has taken the essence of the best self-development practices to create a series of simple but powerful exercises that free you from the imprisonment of your thinking mind.Each exercise elevates your perspective above your stuck, busy, repetitive thoughts to give you an experience of enlightenment that you can learn to access in your daily practice so it has a life changing influence on your way of being.

How does it work?

It turns your attention away from your thinking mind to whatever feeling is present in the body, uncovers the root cause and uses a process that brings reconciliation and healing. Once freed you open to a state of enlightenment and insight into the true cause of your suffering and an awareness of how you can find lasting freedom from it.

In essence it frees you from the fixed and unconscious beliefs that drive your thoughts and feelings; releases trauma and opens you to a mindful way of being. Each time you practice you let go of some harboured grief, fear, anger or shame and finish feeling healthier, happier and more peaceful.

Do the benefits last?

A regular practice increasingly frees your mind and body from any resistance to being fully present and allows you to live more and more fully from the love at your core. It is congruent with and enhance a mindfulness practice such as that taught by  Breathworks, and I believe, used together, the complementary approaches make mindfulness more accessible and sustainable.

What is the evidence?

A two year study of over 100 people shows that nearly 90% of people get significant and lasting results after only 3 sessions.

Huddersfield University School of Human and Health Sciences are currently writing a ‘proof of concept’ paper that shows the impressive results of practicing FMM.

Try it now

Book in for some individual sessions to experience the benefits for yourself. These can be online or in person.