Focussed mindfulness© is a simple route to a healthier perspective on your life, work and relationships. It allows you to be more authentic, happy and purposeful.

Clare Walters PhD
Focussed Mindfulness trainer, relationship coach, supervisor, Journey practitioner and homoeopath.

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About Me…

Mindfulness is a way of life for me. The most notable guides in my practice are Sri Ramana Maharshi , Gangaji, Kevin Billet and Brandon Bays: Eastern, deeply spiritual roots but with a practical, Western spin. I can guide you to be more mindful in your work, your relationships and your personal life.

I will help you to address your negative thoughts, your fears and your self- judgements not once but continually so that you make lasting changes to the way you approach life.

I will support you in your transformation to a more confident, compassionate and congruent self.

Where there is a challenge in your life I will gently guide you to a deep and compassionate understanding of the issue and then to clarity about the change that is needed.
I run a school for mindfulness where you can learn the techniques, gain a licence to practice as a mindfulness practitioner and use the title Absolute

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