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Clare Walters – Absolute Healing, Freedom from Pain | Practitioner Training
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Normally our innate healing system works quietly in the background and restores us time and time again after accidents, illnesses and emotional trauma to a healthy state without the need for any outside help.

But sometimes the impact on our system is too great and we are left with long lasting symptoms. Homeopathy subtly supports the innate healing system helping it to recover and begin returning us to health.

Homeopathy treats people, not symptoms and can be used to address any health problem either alone or alongside other therapies.

Read more at ARH and Homeopathy Action Trust

I have been a registered homeopath since 1998. I have worked in private practice, in primary care and secondary care within the NHS and been involved in research into the effectiveness of homeopathy. I have specialised in fibromyalgia and IBS.

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