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Meeting My Inner Tyrant
Posted in Clare's story on 28/03/2016
During my training as a Journey Practitioner I became starkly aware of my inner judge. I could hear its snide asides, damning comments and persistent undermining of my confidence and began to lessen its impact on me.
I Discover The Journey
Posted in Clare's story on 06/03/2016
A year after my world fell apart I discovered The Journey, began to heal and Focussed Mindfulness was conceived.
Strength of Will
Posted in Clare's story on 03/02/2016
While the will is in charge we cannot hear our still, small voice of calm. We cannot listen to the soft, truth of our inner wisdom that gently reveals to us a broader perspective and gives us the understanding and compassion to let go and allow life to flow
Th Big Freeze
Posted in Clare's story on 02/01/2016
The first excruciating weeks: Chapter 1. From Pain to Peace - a healing journey
From Pain to Peace; A Healing Journey - preface
Posted in Clare's story on 08/12/2015
Reflections on a path from despair ten years ago to the present day, chronicling the insights, the learning, the techniques and teachings that have supported my healing journey.