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Focussed Mindfulness: 21st century spirituality
Posted in philosophy on 02/09/2017
There are three aspects to spiritual development: a congruent lifestyle, a mindfulness practice and emotional maturation. Focussed Mindfulness is a helpful practice towards emotional maturity which requires us to integrate and reconcile all parts of ourselves.
Learn to Love your Inner Trump
Posted in philosophy on 07/08/2016
Donald Trump is an expression of the dark side that lies beneath the peachy skin of our Western selves
Focussed Mindfulness and Homeopathy in the Treatment of a Sepia case
Posted in philosophy on 11/01/2016
This is my paper that was published in the Peer reviewed Journal Similia. June 2015
Focussed Mindfulness and the Water-Lily
Posted in philosophy on 29/06/2014
This blog uses the water lily as a model for understanding focussed mindfulness and the healing and spiritual awareness it can bring about.
Forward to The Focussed Mindfulness Manual
Posted in philosophy on 23/03/2014
Read the forward to my forthcoming book which will be manual for health practitioners and others of the focussed mindfulness techniques as practiced by Absolute Specialists