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Separating Sensibly Workshop in Leeds
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 08/05/2017
Do you want to split in a careful and respectful way? dovetail members are committed to keeping it out of court and as constructive as possible. Join us for a fact finding session. 8th May in Leeds.
Relationship reboot works for tired parents
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 29/09/2016
"Most of us know it is the little things that make a difference, but understanding why makes it so much easier"
The Relationship Reboot
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 16/08/2016
This course teaches you about conscious conversations. Come alone or invest in your partnership by learning together how to communicate constructively
Do It Decently!
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 07/01/2016
This is the peak time of year for marriages to end and people to seek the advice of family lawyers. Choose a Dovetail lawyer to ensure you are supported to keep things out of court
Cutting the cost of divorce
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 27/11/2013
Cut the cost of divorce Much of the pain that separating or divorcing couples cause their children is done unconsciously. Children have an emotional radar, they pick up on our feelings, even unspoken ones.
How can a Separation and Divorce coach help you?
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 11/06/2013
Thinking about splitting up but cannot get your thoughts clear? A session with a separation and divorce coach© is a good first step.
Support for you as you separate or divorce
Posted in Divorce and Separation on 10/04/2013
You may not have chosen to leave a relationship, but you can choose to go forwards with compassion,( not least for yourself) , inner strength and a determination to live according to your own deepest values.