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What is you next step on your spiritual journey?
Posted in Professional development on 02/07/2017
Are you on a journey of healing at the deepest level? · Are you longing to be free of your past pain, self-judgements and fears? · Do you want to catalyse positive change in your own life, in your family, the communities you are part of and the wider world?
Posted in Professional development on 29/05/2017
Listening is a great art that takes commitment, practice and skill and it has the power to deeply heal the soul.
About focussed mindfulness
Posted in Professional development on 09/12/2013
The only word I can find to adequately define these techniques is evolutionary. I have learned them and developed them through experiencing the work of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. Things are moving incredibly fast at the moment. Western philosophies are fusing with Eastern and the result is a global shift in consciousness, an evolving awareness that is spreading and becoming more accessible each day
Dates of Workshops 2013/2014
Posted in Professional development on 30/07/2013
These are the provisional dates for the Focussed Mindfulness Programme 2013/2014, they can be attended individually or as part of the full programme. Please put them in your diary now, but note that they are subject to change up until the end of September to accomodate people doing the full programme.
Testimonials for The Focussed Mindfulness Course
Posted in Professional development, testimonials on 01/07/2013
"This course is an amazing healing journey towards a happier, free-er, lighter, more contented life!" “This is not an intellectual learning experience but an experiential one. It goes beyond words, it is a knowing. It brings about deep healing.”
Introducing Focussed mindfulness
Posted in Professional development on 11/06/2013
Mindfulness is accessible to all, there is no need to attach any religious interpretation to the process. It is simply a way of training the thinking mind to quieten and focus on the here and now. It helps to practice regularly (ideally daily) and it improves sleep, lifts mood and brings a sense of equanimity and peace.
Sustainable support for teachers
Posted in Professional development on 18/04/2013
Peer group supervision or, to give it its full title, peer group person centred supervision (PCS) gives teachers an opportunity to off-load, find solutions to problems and feel part of a supportive team. A one-day workshop will establish the structure and the teachers can then run it for themselves to the benefit of all and on a minimal budget.