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Testimonial from Sarah
Posted in Pain Release on 26/08/2014
Sarah has been for a course in Focussed Mindfulness and is delighted with the results
How focussed mindfulness works
Posted in Pain Release on 03/03/2014
Focussed mindfulness brings to mind any issues that are preventing you from being at peace. It allows you to step back, gain a healthier perspective and see that this is not who you are
Introduction to the Pain Release Process
Posted in Event and Classes, Pain Release on 07/10/2013
I cannot recommend this process highly enough for anyone working with people in emotional or physical pain. If you only attend one workshop this year make it this one’.
Louise using the pain release process for her fibromyalgia
Posted in Pain Release on 30/05/2013
See Louise, who has fibromyalgia, experience the pain release process for the first time. her pain reduces and she feels much less tired
Learn how to manage your pain
Posted in Pain Release on 10/04/2013
The pain release process is a simple meditation that allows you to relax and accept your pain. This reduces its intensity and the effect that it has on your morale, you r energy and your sleep.