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Introduction to the Pain Release Process

Posted in Event and Classes, Pain Release on 07/10/2013

Introduction to the Pain Release Process

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The Pain Release process is a simple mindfulness meditation that can be taught to a client in minutes. It brings profound and immediate results both for physical pain and emotional pain. There are many reports of people with chronic physical pain such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and wounds finding relief and a new perspetive on their pain. But the results when it is applied to emotional pain are even more profound. It can be applied to acute anxiety, grief, anger, fear and depression and brings insight, lightness and calm. I honestly cannot express the power of the process to you, it has to be experienced to be believed.


I cannot recommend this process highly enough for anyone working with people in emotional or physical pain. If you only attend one workshop this year make it this one’.

Stephen Bailey Medical Acupuncturist, Registered Osteopath, Sports Injury Specialist

'Probably THE most valuable tool I have for my own development and the sense of peace and love I get from doing it is second to none.'

' I have benefitted enormously and been able to address some difficult issues. Some very profound personal healing.'

'I have a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose and its impact on those around me when I live it fully. I am more at peace with myself and those I love. I am more open to deep conversation '

It takes only a few minutes and can be used during the consultation to:


  • bring immediate relief from mental anguish or physical pain


  • relax the client so that the pain can be viewed more objectively


  • open the client to a deeper awareness and understanding of their pain

It can be quickly taught to the client who can then use it when they need it. Clients report better sleep, less pain and a more positive mood and less reliance on pain killers, sleeping pills and other medication.


This will be friendly and supprtive workshop. There will be opportunities to network, recharge your batteries and experience the benefits of this process first hand.

BOOK NOW and detail of the venue will be sent to you nearer the time when I have an idea of how many people are coming. Thanks.


By the end of the workshop you will:


  • Have an experiential understanding of the technique
  • Be aware of the depth and potential of the process
  • Be clear about the benefits of using the technique in your own practice 
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