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A year of Soul Healing

Posted in Event and Classes on 15/07/2017

A year of Soul Healing

A Year of Soul Healing 2017.

First meeting of Saturday Group: 9th September and Monday group : 11th September

Topics that we will cover (amongst others that arise):

Mindfulness and you - establishing your practice

Feeling yourself

Dropping the victim mentality

Inherited fears and self limits

Finding grace

The depression trap

Conscious communication

Whole being listening


Are you on purpose?

Join a small group committing to a year of deep work healing past and present pain, letting go of sabotaging behaviours, opening to a more trusting, loving and conscious way of being and clarifying your life’s purpose.

You will be supported throughout by Clare Walters who will guide you on your personal journey, weaving in her experience as a soul healer, journey practitioner, homeopath, relationship coach and person-centred supervisor in a responsive way.

The year will include 10 five-hour group meetings facilitated by Clare, weekly topics for reflection and meditation, personal study of recommended texts and online support whenever you need it. You will also be encouraged to develop friendships and support each other as you travel through the high and lows of this life transforming year.

You will be offered bespoke practices that will help you address your particular challenges, culture a more congruent way of being and explore how you can enhance your emotional, physical and spiritual health both during the year and in your unfolding future.

The meetings will be spread over the year from September 2017 to July 2018 and the times and venue will be agreed by us as a group so we can all commit to attending regularly.

Membership of your group will be £750 for the year paid up front or 12 monthly payments of £70. Concessions may be available – please discuss this option privately with Clare.

Interested in the course? Then don’t hesitate to contact Clare - numbers limited to 8 and we already more than half way there: or 07984115927.