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Relationship reboot works for tired parents

Posted in Divorce and Separation on 29/09/2016

Relationship reboot works for tired parents

Meg and Andrew (not their real names) sent me some feedback a week after their reboot session:

"We found the session invaluable.  It’s amazing how you can know someone for so many years, but not really know them.  We learnt so much about ourselves and each other.  The biggest thing we took away I think is “the language of love”.  We have already started to put things into practice and both feel much happier and loving towards each other.  Or should I say, understanding?  Perhaps its the same.  I did feel a little bruised, I still do, but its not a bad thing.  It’s hard to reflect on your own behaviour, when it’s never been pointed out before.  Or maybe I wasn’t listening.  I wanted and needed to hear it.  That was why we came, after all.  

Most of us know that it’s little things which make a difference, but understanding why makes it so much easier.  

I already appreciate Andrew’s words more, and have made the effort to reciprocate, which has an amazing effect.  We can also see the humour more.  Andrew is making more of an effort to do things which feel important to me, knowing what that means to me.  With a smile rather than resentment, I feel.  Perhaps he sees it less of a criticism.  I hope so.  Hopefully we can keep it up because we have a much happier household right now, despite any other pressures we are under.

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