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Learn to Love your Inner Trump

Posted in philosophy on 07/08/2016

Learn to Love your Inner Trump

Despising Trump is Dangerous

I have just read an extremely important article by Deepak Chopra. In it he reminded me that Trump is merely expressing the dark side of the gentle, considered, tolerant and inclusive culture that we like to think reflects who we are here in the West. We vilify him at our peril.

As relatively healthy members of the human race we know what it is to love, to feel extremes of sublime happiness and to act with great kindness just as we know what it is to feel murderous hate, the darkest despair and the urge to lie, bully or act cruelly. To pretend that this is not so is to deny that part of ourselves exists

When we deny a part of us, judging it shameful and unacceptable, we try to extinguish it but actually all we do is bury it deep within ourselves and shut off its oxygen. Rather than disappearing, this suppressed part of us begins to fester and corrode, perhaps leaking out in bitter words, or turning in on us and making us unhappy or even causing physical symptoms. It creates a metaphorical suppurating sore.  

Suppressed thoughts can cause fearful, knee-jerk responses to life which are not mindful and rarely positive. To be a wholesome individual, community or country we must work towards knowing ourselves in all our hues, recognising that we have both good and bad thoughts and urges and that they are all part of who we are. Only when we can accept ourselves completely can we truly accept others and this, in turn will help them to begin their own process of self-acceptance.

It is very human to want to be part of a pack, we get a good feeling from coming together with others who collude with us, this is schoolyard behaviour, we are joining the ‘in crowd’ and rejecting those that do not fit in.  By being included we can feel good about our shared judgements: we are OK and you are not, we lose ourselves in this, it is compulsive. It takes courage to step back and be mindful of the group and see it as a larger version of ourselves and even braver to suggest that it starts to become more conscious and accepting of its own suppressed, or dark, side. As we become more conscious we have more choice over whether to act on our thoughts or whether, if they are not kind or constructive or in line with our values, we will not. Ideally this more conscious way of being will ultimately, when enough of us stand for it, bring us conscious leaders and a conscious government.

So, back to Trump. In order to heal this festering sore that has broken out on our peachy, perfect Western skin we must see this deeper dis-ease as our own. We must become mindful of our own inner Trump and accept ourselves in all our shades. We can then live with increasing integrity individually and invite the groups we are part of to do the same, we can be a small catalyst that joins with others who are bringing to light our less pretty parts and then acting consciously according to our values. We must see Trump as an expression of our own darkness, begin to take him seriously and address the root of his dis-ease which lies within ourselves.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”.Martin Luther King.

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