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I Discover The Journey

Posted in Clare's story on 06/03/2016

I Discover The Journey

Discovering The Journey

About a year after my Ex left: a year spent on autopilot, numb and without any desire to recover as this would mean letting go of him, The Journey marched in to my life. It was like a total stranger insistently and with complete self-confidence and certainty letting itself through my front door, seating itself at my kitchen table and commanding me to listen.

 The first nudge was a flier that fell out of a magazine. When I picked it up I saw Brandon Bays’ face smiling at me and I remember rather vacantly studying The Journey branding; then a client mentioned that they had been to see her and, on the same day, I saw her book lying on a friend’s coffee table. As a believer in synchronicity I recognised that this was something I should take notice of, so I borrowed it, read it from cover to cover, and was so taken with it that by the next morning I was on the internet searching for her next gig. She was in Earl’s Court, London. The next week.

So only a few days after first hearing of her I found myself sitting in an audience of about 150 people listening to Brandon Bays weave her magic. Her words worked their way under my brittle veneer of numbness, through my rigid determination to hold my life together and slid aside the concrete capping over my emotions. How I cried. Along with the release of emotions there was a slow dawning that I was starting to access a vat of pain that had been accruing over a very long time, actually since childhood. It was such bliss to relax and let it flow, while I was safely held in the anonymity and acceptance of the group.

Towards the end of the day I experienced my first Journey process which took me through layers of my pain until I felt emptied out and was able to bask in an intensity of relief, joy and gratitude that I had never before experienced. I discovered that, paradoxically,  if I surrendered control I felt held, if I allowed the pain to overwhelm me I found solace and if I fully faced my grief I felt comfort. This gave me a fresh perspective of myself and I received some insight into the true cause of my suffering.

Over the second day I began to see connections and patterns that had repeated themselves over my life, creating and reinforcing my view of the world and my perceived part in it. I gained a broader view and awoke to the shocking realization that I could drop all of it and live life in a totally different way. I could make a fresh start and begin to explore a new freedom of being, unfettered by my past.

Up to that point I had been telling myself that I should fear life, judge myself wrong and inadequate and keep myself limited and safe within my own self-imposed limits. I was now free of my pain: I had been shown that a joyous, loving life was my birthright and the main impediment to this was my own mind.  In my innocence I thought that was it, I didn’t need to rely on an external force or teacher to continue my healing as I already had within me all the guidance I needed, I simply had to learn to listen to the deeper knowing I could hear when my thinking mind was silenced.

I did want to learn more, but my justification was that it was so I could share this work with my clients, it would give me an exciting new way of supporting other people who were on a healing journey. I now realise that I had the fervour of a Born-Again, I was excited by the huge potential I could see in sharing the Journey approach to health and healing with others. I was hooked, and very soon committed to a year-long, life shattering, heart-healing Journey practitioner course.

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