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Learn how to manage your pain

Posted in Pain Release on 10/04/2013

Learn how to manage your pain
  • Find relief from constant pain
  • Learn an exercise to lessen your suffering in minutes
  • Reduce your need for analgesics and sleeping pills

The pain release process is a simple meditation that allows you to relax and accept your pain. This reduces its intensity and the effect that it has on your morale, you r energy and your sleep. People often find that the pain diminishes and even goes altogether.

You can repeat the process as often as you need to and the effect tends to be cumulative so over days and weeks the pain becomes less and less significant.

‘The process allows me to accept things instead of tensing up more. You relax out of it. I have slept a lot better and have not taken any pain killers for three weeks. I have used the process every night, I sleep better and do not wake as tense so there is less of a problem in the day’. Ruth, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.'

I am holding a workshop on May 12th. Come along and learn how to manage your pain.

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