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Reducing blood pressure with focussed mindfulness

Posted in testimonials on 06/09/2014

Reducing blood pressure with focussed mindfulness

Managing blood pressure with focussed mindfulness

I have had a tendency to high blood pressure for many years and have chosen to manage it myself as I am not keen on taking medication especially long term. Recently symptoms such a  swimmy head and a strong pulse when I was at rest were telling me that I was not doing a very good job so I decided to take things more firmly in hand and to help with this I invested in a good quality monitor.

My early morning readings have been OK for me over the last week with reading around 140 over 84 until this morning when seemingly out of the blue it had shot up to 150 over 96: Disappointingly high. I reflected on what I had done yesterday that might have caused this spike and couldn’t think of anything, in fact it had been a particularly moderate day: no coffee, no alcohol, very little sugar and not much salt. But I could feel a buzzing in my body which told me that I was experiencing higher than normal levels of anxiety or excitement.

Yesterday had been a difficult day. I had two clients who were feeling very challenged and I felt that I had not brought them to a place of peace by the end of their session. This always leaves me perturbed and wondering how I could have done a better job. I also had a management issue that I had not satisfactorily resolved for myself and last evening I had been feeling tired and overwhelmed.

I focussed my attention on the anxiety and, taking one issue at a time, I explored how they were making me feel. I noticed that I was responding how I habitually do – that I was beating myself up because I had not done a good job with my clients and that it was up to me to take greater control of the person I am managing and this was causing a buzzing in my chest. As I have been practicing focussed mindfulness for some time I was then able to open to a deeper truth and gain a wiser perspective on both of these challenges. I realised that I had done what I could for my clients and that it was OK to relax and let things unfold in their own way and that my management issue was not really an issue at all as I could trust others to resolve things perfectly well.   I could feel my body releasing tension. The whole process had taken ten minutes.

I retook my blood pressure and was amazed to see that it read 138 over 80. I did not believe it was possible to reduce the lower reading to such an extent so quickly, but there it was on my brand new state-of-the-art monitor!

So this reconfirmed for me something I knew but had forgotten: it is vital to address your spiritual, mental and physical health if you want to get well and stay well and, practiced regularly, focussed mindfulness can be a key part of your healthy lifestyle.