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Forward to The Focussed Mindfulness Manual

Posted in philosophy on 23/03/2014

Forward to The Focussed Mindfulness Manual

This book is for everyone, but in particular health practitioners and their clients, who thinks that they cannot be deeply happy. You can. And here are tools that will help you and, through you others, to become joyous, loving, accepting and confident. Not just for a fleeting moment but more and more of the time as you and they get to realize that this is our natural state, and all you have to do is open to it.

I have set the book out as a manual. I cannot claim the processes in the book to be mine in any way and where I know them I have acknowledged the authors or the people who introduced me to them. As I discuss in my introduction, I believe that humanity is evolving and becoming more and more aware of its own spirituality at an increasingly rapid pace: it is becoming easier and easier to be in touch with the spirit or grace or god within and to recognize that this is the essence of who we are.  I am simply offering here my interpretation of the most powerful and effective tools that are available to humanity at the present time.

The techniques described in chapters 2, 3 and 4 are instantly usable and you can practice them on your own. Those described in later chapters tend to have greater healing potential and will be far more powerful if you are guided through them by someone who has an intrinsic trust and understanding of them. When you truly ‘get’ them you will be able to give your own clients an experience of deep happiness and then support them to develop their own practice so they can access it themselves whenever they choose.