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Introduction to Focussed Mindfulness in Stamford

Posted in Event and Classes on 30/03/2014

Introduction to Focussed Mindfulness in Stamford

30th March 2014

Stamford Arts Centre

Burley Room

Introduction to Focussed Mindfulness

Guided by Clare Walters

7.15 until 8.45 pm

No need to book, please just come along.

£5 on the night

For more information please call Clare on 07984115927 or email

Or go to


This is an introduction to Focussed Mindfulness. There will be a guided meditation, then a brief talk about the practice and the peace of mind, health benefits and stress control it offers.

I have been teaching Focussed Mindfulness for 4 years and have recently moved to Stamford. I would like to start a meditation group here. Come along and learn more about it - no need to book -  I am just charging £5 for room hire.


I do feel totally back on track - and better than I've felt for a long time, thanks to your help.
The process allows me to accept things instead of tensing up more. You relax out of it. I have slept a lot better and have not taken any pain killers for three weeks. I have used the process every night, I sleep better and do not wake as tense so there is less of a problem in the day.  Ruth - Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis
I have been taught a technique for dealing with some of my demons. Haven't got a clue why it works.

'These are probably THE most valuable tools I have for my own development and the sense of peace and love I get from doing it is second to none.'

'The last few months have really moved me forward and I have dealt with a lot of old baggage.'

For more info please call Clare on 07984115927 or email