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Dates of Workshops 2013/2014

Posted in Professional development on 30/07/2013

Dates of Workshops 2013/2014

Focussed Mindfulness Workshops:  2013/14

These are the provisional dates for the Focussed Mindfulness Programme 2013/2014, they can be attended individually or as part of the full programme. Please put them in your diary now, but note that they are subject to change up until the end of September where necessary to accomodate people doing the full programme.

The first workshop is free and runs from 10.30 until 2. At the end of it, if you like what you see and experience, you can sign up for the year. 

The workshops will be held in central Wakefield within walking distance of the train station and will run from 10 until 4pm. Individual workshops are £50, £10 for resits. The full course is £1200, payable in monthly installments or £1100 if paid in full at the start of the year. Please find more details about the course on my website blog  testimonials from current students can be read here

13.09.2013           Healing Meditation

06.10.2013           The Enquiry

08.11.2013           The Pain Release Process

08.12.2013           Questioning judgements

17.01.2014           The Wounded Child and Life Visioning Process

14.03.2014           Know Your Own Mind (PRP2)

13.04.2014           Children’s Healing Meditation

09.05.2014           The Memory Reframe

15.06.2014           The Heart to Heart

04.07.2014           Accreditation, CPD, ethics and safety in practice