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Testimonials for The Focussed Mindfulness Course

Posted in Professional development, testimonials on 01/07/2013

Testimonials for The Focussed Mindfulness Course

Comments from current students nearing the end of the 2012/2013 course.

"This course is an amazing healing journey towards a happier, free-er, lighter, more contented life!"

 “This is not an intellectual learning experience but an experiential one. It goes beyond words, it is a knowing. It brings about deep healing.”

“It requires an absolute commitment to working on yourself so you can use the processes with clients to the greatest effect”

“The course has allowed me to become freer from conditioning and to see that I have a choice not to be consumed by it”

“Doing this course has had a profound impact on my personal life. My relationship not only with myself but my family has improved. I have learnt a skills and techniques that I can practice daily that help me with physical and emotional dis-ease. I have started to look at the world through more compassionate eyes and with an open heart.  I react to a situation that I would normally react to with anger, in a calmer way, it's easier for me to react from wisdom instead of pride.  I shout less than I would normally at my children and they in turn are more receptive and understanding and open. I now truly feel love inside and love for others”

“I have gained confidence through meeting up and working in triads and practising techniques. I have seen a change in the way that I work, I am calmer and not tense whilst doing a process worrying if I am doing it right. I am slower at speaking, and have seen a change in the people I have helped for the better.”

“As a practitioner I am feeling confident to help others, and though the practical support on the course feel I can pursue this as a career within Absolute Specialists.”

“This work has been an anchor for me against the urgency I am experiencing in a time of great change.”

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