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How can a Separation and Divorce coach help you?

Posted in Divorce and Separation on 11/06/2013

How can a Separation and Divorce coach help you?

Thinking about splitting up? Not clear? Could you do with some support?

A session with a separation and divorce coach© do is a good first step. This will help you get clear if this is what you want or if actually you want to work on your relationship to put it on a better footing. If you do then be supported in this. If you become clear that you do need to part a coach can:

Offer you unbiased, non-judgemental support and guidance.

Minimise the impact of the separation on your children and help you to keep relationships with your family positive.

Give you confidence, keep your thoughts clear and get your voice heard.

Help you to recover quicker and move forwards confidently knowing that you did the best you could for yourself and your children.

Save you time and money.

A Separation and divorce coach:

Is part of a team and works with lawyers, financial advisers and other specialists to provide the support you need

Is flexible and provides whatever help you are needing at the time

Has a network of skilled specialists and can refer you on for extra support, for instance to a counsellor, child specialist or money coach where needed

Has the knowledge to guide through the divorce process

Can teach you how to feel empowered and communicate effectively

Will help you keep clear about what you want.


The separation and divorce coach is not (but could introduce you to):

A legal adviser, a psychotherapist, a marriage guidance councellor, a specialists in domestic violence or a child specialist.


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